HCG Drops And Hormones: The Connection

HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone produced by pregnant women to develop the sexual organ of the baby. It is also intended for the health of the infant as it grows inside the womb for 9 months. The hormone burns excessive fats to the bloodstream which becomes energy both for the baby and the pregnant woman. Through years, medicinal field tries to imitate the hormone and find ways on how to boost the hormones in the body to burn fats. This is where the HGG drops, injections, and pills were introduced to the market.

The Argument

The HCG diet supplement was developed a few decades ago and somehow, the FDA disagree about its benefits when it comes to obesity. Moreover, for the government office, such diet supplement is not proven if it is effective or not since there are no further research and medical test about the HCG diet program. On the contrary, there are several people who are claiming that taking HCG drops will not just burn the fats but also suppress the craving for food. The HCG is also responsible why pregnant women are somehow irritable when it comes to food.

No Longer in Practice

Injecting HCG is dangerous and prohibited. In fact, it is recommended by the FDA as an illegal practice of diet. Thus, HCG manufacturers are now developing and distributing HCG drops as an alternative instead of injecting the hormone. These days, you can find such supplement online but the problem is, not all HCG supplements are created equal. Some would not even contain the actual boosting substance activating the HCG.

False Claims

You may find a lot of negative reports about the diet drop supplement. But for some reason, most of the users won’t even follow the instructions and are not aware of the protocol correctly. If you do not stick with the program, then your effort and money will be just another waste.